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The first real professional fastener on the international market!

Made of Harmonic Stainless Steel AISI 316
Lightweight and extremely durable

Guaranteed 100% MADE IN ITALY

ADAPTABLE - It adapts to most types of composite ( WPC ) and wooden boards

tclip-wpc decking hidden stainless steel fastener tclip-clip in acciaio inox armonico clip in acciaio inox armonico per fissaggio deck stainless steel fastener clip XSITO 2


Light, made of excellent AISI 316 Stainless Steel, heat treated and rendered Harmonic to absorb all movements of WPC and always be tight to the boards . Black painted not to be noticed between the joints of the deck, very resistant to screwing and weathering even in extreme conditions. They will be provided with a black polyethylene insert to accomodate the screw and make a quick and straight screwing. They'll be sent, on request, already equipped with black stainless screws for wpc , or with self drilling black stainless screws, for a significant saving of time in installation.

Always guaranteed Made in Italy.

In a Deck each component is important. As in a chain, where the weakest link determines the resistance, so in a deck a component of mediocre quality may affect the value of an entire investment. The clip is an essential accessory, because, in addition to creating the proper space between the boards, has the task to secure them firmly to the joists of substructure, resisting to the impact with the screws. But it must also have sufficient elasticity to absorb the omnidirectional movements of the boards. It must be made of a noble material, which lasts over the years in all climatic conditions, and must be as hidden as possible.

All this is guaranteed by T.CLIP!
Remember, the original is exclusively distributed by T.CLIP di Giulio Travi
Beware of imitations.



Light, enough inexpensive, they often can amortize the movements of the wpc and they are black colored not to be noticed between the slots of the deck.


There is not always the control of the plastic composition and sometimes they break during the screwing. Once pressed they do not have the required strenght to " return" to work against the boards. They fear frost.

With TCLIP it will never happen



Generally made of 304 stainless steel, weatherproof and resistant to screwing.


They are rigid, so they do not absorb the wpc movements, on the contrary they hinder them sometimes causing crushing and reduction of the right space between the boards. Once pressed they don't return tight to the boards. They are often suitable for a single type of board. They are almost never black painted and then you notice them between the spaces. They often need to be inserted under the boards causin stress in that point. The cheapest are often of poor quality.

With TCLIP it will never happen

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